Share your Windows mod (your(s) or your favorite)

What the heck is a windows mod ? O_o

a windows mod is modded version of a version of windows, for an example : Windows 2007 which is a windows mod, it basically add new things to old versions (themes, functions, ect…)

Cool but, how can i create one myself ?

Well you will need some programs like Resource Hacker and you have to modify things like DLLs or other things

Do you have one ?

Yeah i have my own called : Windows 2009 still not finished here is a wallpaper i made for the first build :

What's your favorite ?

Personally it is Windows 2007 since it has a very cool design ect…

And you what is your favorite or the one you created (or the two)

dude, you have windows 2013 as well, did you cancelled that?

edit: as i was sending the message, alessio sent a announcement that he switched to win7 mods.

Yeah, im now focused on Windows 2009