Share your Windows 2k Desktop!

its been a month since last “Share your” topic i made. This time send your Windows 2k (aka 2000) Desktop!


  • AOL Instant Messenger (for chating with my friends)
  • MSN Messenger (Same as the first)
  • 7zip (to extract other type of zips format)
  • Winamp 3 (idk lol)
  • Adobe Photoshop 6 (For nostalgic purpose i guess)
  • Metapad (Notepad but with more cool features)


  • QuakeSpasm & FTEQW (They are both quake 1 source ports.)

OS Is Windows 2000 Pro SP4 with all updates installed.

My Windows 2000 Desktop:

If it weren’t obvious, Yeah. I’m a fan of guilmon.


  • Prody Parrot
  • Visual Basic 2005 Express