Share your weird WLM bugs or MSN window

Share your MSN window or bugs you found.

(old screenshot) i actually found a MSN messenger bug that you can dupe your user in your contact list (just with the MSN app and the escargot web)

(sorry for the comic sans font)

What the, it’s a bug. Should Animadoria fix this?

probably not
i dunno

Fact:You have 36 contacts?

yeah. that was BEFORE i get banned
its a secret reason

Why you banned?



il return someday mk?

Yeah. If you get “You are already registered”, just reset the cookies of the site and should register. (If you have Chrome or another browser).

ok thanks

And I’m trying to get WLM '11 working. just change the servers to Escargot’s one.

I mean me, not you