Share your VM desktops!

Let’s start of my Windows XP VM desktop.

If you see Chromium icon, don’t be confused with Chromium, it’s Internetium. This is a browser. I made it myself.

NOTE:I wrote Supermium instead of Internetium. I’m so sorry for win32ss for accidently.

because I accidentally formatted my portable hard drive I had to make a new Fresh VM

um superminum was made by win32ss

I mean Internetium

I accidently wrote Supermium instead of Internetium. Internetium is a IE fork made by me. I wrote on VB.Net


is there a download as i kida want to try it on 7

InternetiumSetup2-RanvirOnly.exe (592.3 KB)

Remember:This browser based on Internet Explorer. Some pages may not work if you use VM.

um its chrome??

I set it’s icon to Chromium.