Share your VM Desktops! - Version 3.0

Let’s start off with mine and rules:
-Any year OSes and x64 and x86, SPARC, PPC, ARM,allowed.
-Linux is allowed for that.

You sure do have an addiction of OSses from 2000-2009

ok, now it’s any year.

Now only for 2000-2020 OSes? What about Windows 1.01 or Macintosh System Software 1.0!?

ok. any oses windows 1.01 and mac 1.0 is now allowed.

-Any 2000-2020s OSes and x64 and x86 allowed.
-Linux is allowed for that.

You don’t actually need this.

The real rules are:
NO NSFW, Discrimination at all and NEVER join MG when Someone (or You) is 12 and under.

the rules of this post.

Like, I am supposed to imply that I can’t post the screenshot of Mac OS 9.2 for PPC?

yeah, you can. now any year is allowed. i will edit

Am I not allowed to post a SPARC, PPC or even a ARM VM?

no, you can post any arm vm and SPARC, PPC. I will edit now!

I think I meant this: Allow every os on every arch to be posted.