Share your virtual machines


My wallpaper was something really stupid and embarrassing so I changed it just for this screenshot.


I see you have microsoft plus for xp installed


I found it on so I decided to download it. Some of the desktop themes it comes with are quite cool because they have exclusive icons and sounds.


I have burned it to a cd but i cant find Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition 2003 on the internet.


this is truth


i have a old hard drive but i no know what have in it


i know this is a bump :stuck_out_tongue:



well, here’s my Win3.11 VM in Virtual PC, playing “Ray of Light”, the Quicktime sample, and being connected to the server that plays star wars in text :slight_smile:


Here’s one of my many XP VMs. I created this back in June 2017. This one has lots of software from 2005 installed it, and tries to imitate how a typical XP computer in 2005 would be like. I even installed IE7 Beta 1 because why not, lol.


this wallpaper always makes me fell im flying :stuck_out_tongue:


Why Ray of Light of all songs? You could perfectly place something else.


Because it played in the XP commercial. :stuck_out_tongue:


barebones XP VM


Another VM of mine. This time it’s supposed to simulate a computer from 2009, so I installed time appropriate software. Even the anime wallpaper is from 2009. While newer Windows versions like 7 and Vista were already out, a lot of people back then were still using XP including myself so ehhh I used XP for this VM.


nice theme :slight_smile:


Monospaced Debian with XFCE


Chicago (beta of Windows 95) Build 73


I always wanted to see ms chicago