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At the moment I have only this VM.

Share your virtual machine(s)
Share your virtual machine(s)

Is that modified Windows XP or Windows Vista?


It is a modification of Windows XP called “Ice XP”, made by an Italian called Greifi Grishnackh. Basically, it modifies the whole system to leave it with the look of Windows Vista. The version I am using in this VM is 3.0.1 Reloaded (had until version 6 Advanced, having only in Italian and English. I managed to find it in Italian after a lot of searching, already in English (in which I could use the MUI Pack to translate into Portuguese or other languages) is lost on the internet. @Machintosh_Lapfan and I spent an entire afternoon searching without success).



Smiley x



Sexy xp


ooff that clean desktop xD


I used to have about three virtual machines until I had to reinstall VirtualBox. Now I just have one.

I’m currently using a theme from Plus! for Windows XP.


i like clean desktops :stuck_out_tongue:


i had 12 VMs until i had to reset Windows 10 because it just wasn’t working so i now only have 2 VMs right now.

also my windows xp build is 64 bit


What version of ICQ are you running there? It looks nice.




I have 18 VM, so I will show two VM I use :stuck_out_tongue:


Nostalgia never stops



Oh hello



Gif master


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