Share your videogame emulators

my emulator is PSX i not have photos because this emulator is in my another PC

Wii/Gamecube emulator

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ZSNES only with Mario Paint.

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I use Dolphin as well, not much tho. I used to use it for GameCube betas/demos but i deleted them because they took too much space on my hard drive. Now i’ll get back into it.

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I use a GBA emulator occasionally but I’d rather play games on the consoles they were made for, even if it’ll cost me a bit of money.


heres my psx emulator


I used to have Kega Fusion several years ago, mainly to play the Genesis Sonic games (Sonic CD included). I also had ZSNES, where I played an assortment of SNES ROMs, and VisualBoyAdvance (I think) to play Game Boy/GBC games. I also remember a Super Game Boy-type thing, either on ZSNES or VBA, where it’d emulate the skin of a compatible game if criteria was met.

But after a while, I stopped caring, especially since I was more attracted by the real deals and that finding ROMs were getting more difficult when most of the easy-to-find ones were now malware in disguise.

Recently, however, I was planning to get back into emulators to hold me off until I can get the real deal(s), if my current laptop will support them without lag lol. I plan to start with Kega Fusion, but I’m afraid I won’t branch off to other emulators after that unless some sort of miracle happens. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that fucking DMCA shit is happening. I have to hunt on sites to get a single copy of Mario Paint for the SNES that worked with the mouse.

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Fceux to play NES games.

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where you found this? This is my dream :stuck_out_tongue:

i got it used on a site (mercado livre(libre))

i used kega fusion to play desert bus

how much it cost

60 usd

pass the link of the ps1

uhhhh mate its already gone its not new