Share your taskbars

yes another share your thread yippee!!! anywayys share your taskbars. heres mine




Sweet, something I can contribute to.
(I have 2 monitors)

i have two desktops (one is my laptop and one is my graphics tablet)
i like to keep my taskbar on the right side.

I made it retro the Xp one

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looks cute :thinking:

That is my taskbar, currently. I change the color on demand.

Hey what’s that app? For mouse customization i think.

Why not?

Which one?

The app with the mouse cursor there

Easy autoclicker.

It’s for autoclicking, not for customizing mouse.

Did the taskbar by using StartIsBack and Open-Shell

Remove the serach bar and taskview button and it will look more xp-like.

And the people button too.

looks like the last icon is AB

Gopd job thats a good recreation of windows vista taskbar :smile:

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currently everything i have open on my pc rn; taskbar goes empty when there’s nothing open.

de: cairo + winexplorer
os: win10 1903

Why does this exist?