Share your switch friend code

for those who have a nintendo switch you can share you switch friend code!
here’s mine: SW-0081-5828-3807

Does Steam count? Steam Community :: icanttellyou#5786


if you have a switch, give me your friend code

Does PSN count? The closest thing to an internet connected console I have is a PS3

unless i when i have a ps3 psp ps4 or ps5 still no

I’m not going to buy a 300 euro console, instead I will upgrade my PC once I get money.

nvm @icanttellyou every one else

I used to have a Nintendo Switch, but sadly, my parents donated it.
I am hoping I can get a new one, like a Switch Lite somehow…

imagine donating instead of selling it lots of lettuce

Oh no! :frowning:

lmao you still post here?