Share your Object shows episodes links

Copy the link from it’s object shows and paste in the chat. done

No Everyone Left, You need to join.

We Need All People! My favourite object show

we dont need more share threads especially not for this im tired and sad and all i want is actually interesting shit

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Object shows are dumb shit since 2017. take BFDI for example, IDFB was going to be interesting, but they’ve replaced it with a dumber version called BFB.

its just a dumb concept

whats so fucking interesting about a literal household object

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idk i kinda want to fuck a fork

so object shows fill in 35% as they are now a living fucking object

understandable have a great day

its just a dumb concept whats so interesting about a literal household object

What’s so interesting about a literal human? A mouse? A sponge? Dumb arguement, it’s not about the object it’s about the character

well bottomline is all of these things are living creatures and generally you can apply characteristics to them much easier and still have it make some sense?

now for example, a fork just coming up to a rubik’s cube and just talking about life, it doesn’t really make sense

i was gonna say that but cartoon shows don’t really need to make sense

I’ve been thinking about it… object shows can work with say like, furry characters or robloxians.

Bruh. how would it work with a fursona?

well, i’m no good at furries, but since object show characters have a little bit of a personality, if someone’s fursona fits that personality, then it would work.

furries aren’t objects

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Nobody said furries are objects, he just said it would still work if you made a show like that except instead of objects they’re animals or just about anything

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Fine … here’s my favorite object show

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that link i recognize

its bfb