Share your home screens


I know , I know this is being very overused , but I liked the idea and since the other post is about computer desktops , why not creating one for mobile home screen :stuck_out_tongue:


eew. iFunny.


LOL a bible app. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you Christian by any chance?


this is probably offtopic af but i don’t really have a cellphone and i use my laptop and a really fokin old huawei usb modem to make calls, get sms and stuff




I know that you people hate ifunny because the american server fucking sucks , but the Brazilian ones are good


Well, here’s mine. It is a little lacking, but that is because I have all my other stuff on the other screens.


Simple, but I like it.


Enjoy the boring home screen of my iPhone SE. I knew somebody was going to post a thread like this. And I just realised that the first image is actually the second page of my home menu.

I deleted most of the stock iOS apps because I have no use for them.


i love how simple is the home screen of iphones , i just have my apps in there and if i want to open something , is easy to find everthing


I used to use Windows Phone and the home screens were a lot more complex there, but at least you could customise them a lot more. I miss my old Nokia Lumia, it’s a shame it no longer works.


same here , i love the animations of windows phone , i miss my nokia lumia 800 ( or something like that , i just know that it started with a 8 )



yes I still use iOS 9. I also have an old android phone I use