Share your first threads on Messenger Geek!






I used to be a lurker here for a while until last year when I finally made an account.

Below is my first ever reply. I’ve only made one actual thread on this forum and that wasn’t too long ago.


That’s my first topic. My first reply was just me sharing my email on the contacts megathread


When i didn’t knew too much about Escargot and i was suggesting things that i didn’t knew, they where hard


The very first thing I posted, was well, the very first MessengerGeek retrospective, which was also my very first thread:

It was the mess surrounding MessengerGeek and the rest of the userbase clawing at each other that finally gave me that energy burst to create an account and type up that one long essay, which fun fact, was typed up all in one go in the span of a few hours time, which also meant some grammar errors were lingering around in it (you might even spot some now, now that I can’t go back in and edit those out anymore). I wanted to speak out and voice out my opinions on the forum and everyone surrounding it, opinions no one else really had the guts to share out on the forum at the time, and I’m glad I took that chance, because at least some people saw what they were doing and realized that they weren’t helping in the slightest.

As for my very first reply, that was just to @Nintel on said thread, who stated how my words made him think twice about mocking Leo and causing a ruckus at the time. It actually did make my day when I saw it, as I found out that the community had a glimmer of hope just waiting to expand, along with the fact that it wasn’t entirely the toxic and nasty MSN elitist kid-hating group I thought it was. :slight_smile:

To extends the firsts even further, my first PM on here was to @Raymonf asking him how I could be part of the Escargot GitHub to start developing for it (before finding out it was on the GitLab’s front page). :stuck_out_tongue:




old account (my first ever thread)

new account


Mine Was Deleated xd


i think XD
who remebers this?