Share your favorite Windows application

it is allowed with screenshots and without screenshots

  1. vmware 17
    useful but virtualbox is also useful for me :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. reskype
    ah yes. skype 7 memories…
  3. imgburn
    everytime i want an application to be installed without some tools or guest additions. i use this. for example, i use this to add applications in whistler
  1. Medibang Paint
    It’s very snappy and has a great set of brushes. It runs great even on my apparently “ancient” machine.

  2. BBC 2 Clock
    Though this is an old flash file I found, It has zero malicious code. It simulates the clock screen seen on the channel “BBC 2” sometime in the 1970s. It’s a very high quality remake of said screen. What’s good is that it actually tells the system’s time, and isn’t just some video. I commonly use it as a makeshift screensaver, and at times it may even make an appearence in my art streams, most commonly when stuff is being set up, or if i go away from my computer during a stream. (For a break or something)

  3. Space Pinball
    Self-explanatory. Loved this game growing up.

  4. Retroarch
    A very good “Frontend” for all the emulators I set up, It’s on multiple platforms including XBOX, Android, Switch and more. It has a wide variety of downloadable cores (Some you’ll need to set up yourself) It has a Switch-styled UI by default, but you can enable an XMB (Seen on PS3/PSP) interface. It’s what’s enabled here. What’s good is that it has great compatibility with most controllers, and if you have a machine fully dedicated to emulation, i’m pretty sure a Linux-Based retroarch OS exists.

RetroArch with XMB menu driver:

RetroArch with Switch-Like interface (Affected by my macOS theme)

My phone running RetroArch

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Pre-installed apps:


Software in general:


Windows Media Player, XM Solitaire and Spider Solitaire

1:vmware 15.5
vmware 15.5 is best to use with 3D-games.

2. Steam!
Y’know why i did added it.

3. Notepad ++
Best editor!

That is i guess.

  1. Kodi
    A.K.A the spiritual sucessor to windows media center, its my favorite bigscreen app, even though its community made them the aim to many companies and organizations due to piracy.
    (skin is TetradUI, a Xbox 360 blades based skin)

  2. Virtualbox
    You know why.

  3. Xbox
    Simply Because i love my xbox console and also due to gamepass and cloud gaming.

  4. Steam
    Same Reason as EVERYBODY WHO PLAYS GAMES: its the most popular game store and library in the internet


  • Steam
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • SideQuest (used it to mod Beat Saber on my Quest 2 lol)
  • Discord
  • Spotify
  • Open-Shell (Windows start menu replacement)