Share your email Stationery

Share your email stationery here :wink:

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You really have bonzi buddy cool

I didn’t realise people actually used email stationery. I’ve had it before on some email clients, but I’ve only used it a couple of times as a gimmick. Most of the time I just send emails on my phone, but most of my inbox is filled with junk mail.

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yeah, a lot of people still use stationery. I use a lot to make my email messages more interesting. lol
here is a video so people get a good feel of what I been using for my email messages and stationery. :stuck_out_tongue: Video link <<< click there :slight_smile:

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wat program u use to email

I use Incredimail

and here is another theme stationery

all you kids with your hip cool email clients with cool themes
back in our days we used outlook 1997 to send and receive our emails

haha kids
I am 27 years old and loving the fun of themes making email more fun.

plants vs zombies custom video link

video link <<< Click there

I used to use Incredimail. It’s not exactly a professional email client but it’s still a really great piece of software. They used to send me too many junky emails though. :frowning:

it doesn’t have to be professional and the reason you got junk email from them is that you clicked on the checkmark box next to what says ‘send email to this address’. I don’t know how to create stationery in any other email program and I’d best not do it in other programs but for the benefit of making other people happy I sure am trying to learn. no one said anything had to be professional and no one said anything had to be easy. all I am saying is give it a chance.