Share your dream devices!

mine are 2 things. A surface pro 9 and an iPad Air

i have the surface studio laptop but the hinge broke


real :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Find your dreams come true :sunglasses:

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they will one day…

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for me i would categorize:
Old Devices: A Ultimate Windows 7 PC (not VM, like the one i did before, and the one i’m using the forum at)
New Devices: Google Pixel (Any model)

I would like this, to replace my Nintendo 2DS.

probably the last thing I’m gonna post here but to be honest I want a 3DS again cuz mine bricked (DON’T GO MESS WITH GODMODE9 ANYONE)

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okie :slight_smile:

OMG dude for the longest time I thought I was the only poor fool that had bought a 2DS

my d2s hinge randomly broke a couple of years ago

Bro, the 2DS hasn’t got a hinge…

bro it does
ranvir actually has a 2DS XL which has a hinge

Damn I forgot that thing existed, 3ds xl onwards I just kinda forgot about the family