Share your device collection

(old photo)
I still have the Nokia 3100 manual for myself (Portuguese Brazil version)

What I also have is a CCE Laptop, which dates back in 2007 and it is indeed one of those devices with Vista Starter

Gonna send the photo tomorrow

i have nokia n73 box which is almost original (manual, some cables, the phone itself and software disc is in here)

Sure so I have an iPad 2
iPad mini 1
iPad mini 2 ~ 3 (not sure about what generation it is)
surface go 1
Surface go 3
An Acer aspire V5 touch (the one with windows 8)
some slow ahh shitty ahh Lenovo laptop from school (I hate it sm I use my current surface go 3 and iPad 9 bcs of it, might upgrade to an iPad 10 or air 5)
iPad 9
2 iPod touch 4’s
A Sony Xperia (forgot what model it is)
iPhone 4
iPhone 5s
Apple Watch SE (1st gen) use it for workouts :3
A Sony viao laptop (with windows vista)
iPhone 11 (my main)
A Google chrome cast
A Google home mini (idk why but they rebranded it to nest mini)
Apple TV HD (with Siri Remote)
That’s it tbh

(Update I found that galaxy phone with the projector built in)
(Another update I’m planning on getting an iPod touch 6 & a zuneHD)

Samsung Beam (probably based on S3)

that’s great but in my opinion you should get an iPad Air 4 bcs both of them have the EXACT specs and the air 4 uses the Apple Pencil 2 unlike the usb c Apple Pencil and/or Apple Pencil 1, but eh it’s ur choice bud.

For reference;

Same camera too!?!?