Share your device collection

What I also have is a CCE Laptop, which dates back in 2007 and it is indeed one of those devices with Vista Starter

Gonna send the photo tomorrow

i have nokia n73 box which is almost original (manual, some cables, the phone itself and software disc is in here)

Sure so I have an iPad 2
iPad mini 1
iPad mini 2 ~ 3 (not sure about what generation it is)
surface go 1
Surface go 3
An Acer aspire V5 touch (the one with windows 8)
some slow ahh shitty ahh Lenovo laptop from school (I hate it sm I use my current surface go 3 and iPad 9 bcs of it, might upgrade to an iPad 10 or air 5)
iPad 9
2 iPod touch 4’s
A Sony Xperia (forgot what model it is)
iPhone 4
iPhone 5s
Apple Watch SE (1st gen) use it for workouts :3
A Sony viao laptop (with windows vista)
iPhone 11 (my main)
A Google chrome cast
A Google home mini (idk why but they rebranded it to nest mini)
Apple TV HD (with Siri Remote)
That’s it tbh

(Update I found that galaxy phone with the projector built in)
(Another update I’m planning on getting an iPod touch 6 & a zuneHD)

Samsung Beam (probably based on S3)

that’s great but in my opinion you should get an iPad Air 4 bcs both of them have the EXACT specs and the air 4 uses the Apple Pencil 2 unlike the usb c Apple Pencil and/or Apple Pencil 1, but eh it’s ur choice bud.

For reference;

Same camera too!?!?

That phone’s name was Samsung Galaxy Beam if I recall correctly

now for mine, updated


  • Galaxy Note 9 (main phone, it has Pixel Experience on it)
  • Galaxy A10 (phone used for testing custom roms on it, was my main for some time)
  • Galaxy S5 (have two of them, battery is completely dead on one of them, one of them is used for custom mods like the A10)
  • Galaxy J2 (battery completely expanded, got rid of that so it has no battery. it has Resurrection Remix on it)
  • Redmi 10 (was main phone, stopped using it.)


  • Custom built PC (built in 2022, upgraded it with a new GPU, parts list here (
  • Dell Latitude 7370 (very crappy laptop, has an odd Intel CPU used in the MacBook 2016 laptop, currently has Ubuntu 20.04 cuz Windows stopped booting on it)


  • Nintendo Switch, only console I have after my 3DS bricked, patched so no CFW :[

Devices I no longer have (inspired by @MysterRainbow):

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL (modded in 2020, then bricked in 2021 after I edited shit in the NAND)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (can’t seem to find it, lost.)
  • Asus X540NA (gave to someone else.)
  • Galaxy S7 Edge (was main phone in 2018, lost and hasn’t been found)
  • Gear 2 Neo (used it with S7 Edge, lost too.)
  • My old PC (has i5-3340, 8 GB of RAM and a 1060, has been given to someone else, 1060 was used in main PC then replaced.)
  • Samsung NC10 (netbook that I had that sadly got lost, cannot find it.)

Yes these were devices I don’t have for many years but why not add them?


yeah it is.



NOTE: there are alot of devices that cant be named (its model). but the tech name could be named. and some devices that i have is hidden. because its not for my propety

my entire device collection:

CHAPTER 1: computers and laptops:

  • lenovo ideapad S145 (2021-present. that i use. runs a private windows 10 lite which you cant get the iso but avaiable in algeria)
  • an old HP (2015?-201?. nostolgic. runs windows XP. possibly home edition)
  • an old acer (2019-2020?. also nostolgic. runs windows 7. unknown edition)
  • some sort of computer (2022. LG or something? also runs windows 7. i think professional)

CHAPTER 2: mobile and phone devices:

  • condor giffre T9 plus (2021-present. the phone i use but its for my mom and also mines too)
  • a wiko phone (maybe 2018-2019. that was my old dads phone and also mines. buuut its broken :confused:)

CHAPTER 3: consoles and handhelds

  • a PS4 slim (2023-present. not to mention. i got it to “eid al adha” and for some reason. whoever gave me this. is my uncle from french. wow. i have alot of uncles! i guess?)
  • a nintendo DSi XL (2022-present. also gave me by my uncle from german. wowie zowie!)
  • a “new” nintendo 3DS XL (2022-present. same thing. the uncle from german also gave me this)

bruh u own both a new 3ds xl and a dsi xl
we cant get that shit in brazil without selling a kidney


id buy it off you if used eletronics import wasnt banned here
id have to lie to customs to get this here, which would probably get us both in trouble

why dont you emulate them? pirating is so fun bruh

Yes it’s liberal borrowing

omg I would want one too cuz mine got bricked

id emulate any console besides the dsi and 3ds because of the dual screen touchscreen shit
emulating on pc is hard with the touchscreen
and whej its on phone the virtual controls take up half of the bottomnscreen