Share your desktops!


my windows 10 is dead soo i installed ubuntu 18.04


lol My friend’s PC was also fried (not really, but all their things were gone) by a Windows 10 update :stuck_out_tongue:


I use dual boot with windows 7 and android xD


i used android x86 ( 7.1 ) its cool



you should try phoenix OS, it is based on android 7.1


it never worked in my laptop or my desktop :confused:


lol look at this

My birthday was Saturday but I still got this from Microsoft Bob. haha
Guessing it doesn’t go away until I actually go into Microsoft Bob and view it.


you have microsoft bob installed in your computer , what operation system are you using


Wow, MS Bob. I’ve always wanted to try that program out for myself. Shame VirtualBox is being a pain on my computer right now.


I am using Windows XP.


cool , i think that microsoft bob works in windows 10 ( this sound crazy , i know but i really think that works )


as long as you have compatibility on for Microsoft bob it should work.




my desktop ( UPDATED )


I like your wallpaper. The old Windows Media Player logo looks a lot better than the new one, in my opinion.


i agree


Updated + WinXP VM


Is that the Windows Embedded theme? that looks nice


Should be Royale Noir, I’ve already used it in a VM.