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Тебя тоже задолбали постоянные сообщения от чата?)


Да и еще когда я что-то писал в этот чат меня вообще игнорировали


кстати, они на мой уход никак не отреагировали, что странно


Да им вообще пофиг на всех. Да и в чате общаются, как максимум 5 человек.



So if i had Vivaldi you would say “ewww bloated chrome browser”?


google chrome is shit anyway and if you want a good chrome experience then use ungoogled chromium


I just set my channel name: Fuck Koijentuskev and Fuck Yyogarlk Hon and I tried to Stop a worst youtuber who Bullying Jawed (YouTube co-founders).
Then I got terminated and my account got locked out. I also got banned on Google Hangouts.
So after that, I creating even more account. (Total 39 or 40+ account).


This is my laptop (Currently on Hiren’s boot cd using USB boot).
I Tried to reinstall Windows.

This Hiren’s BootCD PE use Windows 10 version 1607.


So you made a fuck-ton of Sockpuppets?


Yes. If one got terminated, I will use another one.
I have lot of fucking shit account but lose the email name of it so I cannot log into it.


im using linux :slight_smile:


My sexy Windows XP VM


What distro? Also is that KDE 4?


Kubuntu 14.04


Oh boy. Upgrade to 16.04


that’s like telling anybody on this forum to upgrade to Windows 10.
“nO i doN’t wANt to uPgraDE to wIn10 bCuZ telEmetRY”


if i can install kde 4 i will


i got the refenrice


Hmm there is no way of installing KDE 4 on Kubuntu 16.04. Maybe try Slackware?