Share your desktops!


New computer,New desktop,Windows XP with almost all HQ default wallpapers :stuck_out_tongue:


Why don’t you use Basilisk for Windows XP? It supports more elements then Pale Moon for XP.


Im not wasting my resources


it’s the same as my last screenshot although i’m downloading Windows 10, yes remember that shitty drama about that i wasn’t able to activate windows 8.1? Well i think going to Windows 10 was my only choice.
(Fact: my main resolution on the right is 1050p,)


well i am on slax now…what i do


Uhh install it? Use a tutorial if you don’t know how.




how install this virtual machine?




My main desktop
My laptop


my laptop runs Windows XP Pro x64, Volume Licensing copy :stuck_out_tongue:



just simple and clean… i also have a laptop still running XP which i used during my highschool days in like 2007


using animated wallpaper kek


windows vista black editon




holly crap,mother of lord


i had like 5000+ a time :stuck_out_tongue:


My New Desktop (notice that I hide Desktop Icons due to Garbage on my Desktop)
This one is 1280x1024 (5:4)

The last Gadgets Use Roboto font, which is Android also use it.

And my Shitty Laptop: (Notice that I already activate Windows, but I turn on Watermark using WinAero Tweaker instead.)
This one is 1366x768 (16:9)


My actual PC, in a 1360x768 monitor
Also it’s x64