Share your desktops!



My second Windows XP VM that I used for patching Terra Messenger 2005.


Sick wallpaper, where did you get it?


It’s in the end of Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 6.

Original wallpaper (1920x1080):

EDIT (22.12.18): Well, these are official now, as SEGA released them in its Twitter.


Here’s both of the desktops I regularly use.

From my Acer Laptop (Still holds strong today!)

This one is running via a VM on my Macbook.

And the macbook that runs the VM


My desktop dont have icons…

I put my icons there


That’s simple amazing.


My Virtual Machine one (Windows Embedded POSReady 2009)
(ignore that junks on my desktop)

Well, This is my VM one, That Running Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (Not Longhorn)
And it’s was just a themes and skin packs for it.
This Windows is look like XP but it’s modified for embedded system.
and Running AIM Pro With AIM Phoenix server.

And A Gameplay (notice that I changed my desktop background):

Also my PC have a slow internet, even I use cloudflare DNS, it’s does nothing because VM make it slow.
Login Screen (completely Windows Longhorn)
ignore that remote account, I got it by using PCUnlocker iso.



And another Virtual Machine.

This one I used to patching Terra Messenger. (Success)
And Tried to patching WLM 8.0 beta (8.0.0566) but Failed.
Notice that Terra Messenger has English Language, But Not Completed yet.
Well, Tried to login on Terra Messenger it’s refused, but sometime it’s works.


Same thing :confused:


The new new super duper new desktop!



#866 is that sidebar and yes, my desktop is this cluttered







Same thing :confused:

Well, it’s because of Windows XP doesn’t support properly yet. and IE8 is outdated.


I updated my desktop again, this time it’s a creepy background.