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A “Deliciows” Vista theme does not match with a shitty PUP.





My Principal Desktop


Remove Baidu Browser as soon as possible.




Im Too Fast To Make Things On PC Now I Will Use My New Phone


Good job,your free from chinese




My Phone Is Not Chinese Is A Samsung Galaxy J6


Is For Fun :slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t understand dead “funny” pranks.


Is Only A Prank Not Virus


Is Not/E Nao




Do you really want to see what happens when you currently try to log in with Reviver-patched WLM 2012?

Yes. As everyone else had told you, you can’t log in on WLM 2012, patched with Reviver or not, because as Reviver relied on existing Microsoft servers to get Messenger working again, and those Microsoft servers have been shut down, Reviver is pretty much dead, along with Messenger, officially speaking (Of course, Escargot is helping to fill in that gap fully, for MSN and more to come :stuck_out_tongue:). I had to overwrite the WLM 2009 install I had to test the currently-WIP WLM 2009 frontend for Escargot with a Reviver-patched WLM 2012 just to debunk the obvious fact that Reviver is moot at this point. Will you finally understand what we’re telling you now that I provided visual evidence?

Public message to Pedrox

i am not good at organizing my folders on my desktop haha