Share your desktops!


Show me WLM 16 (2012) working, so :wink:


Im Installing


It will install, it will arrive on the logon screen, but you will not be able to log on. You’re wasting your precious time for nothing.



oh my fucking god
firstly, there’s NO possibility of WLM 16 working in any condition
secondly, this is share your desktops topic ffs



As @ui6215 said, let’s move to ANOTHER topic, that’s Messenger Reviver 2 conversation is off-topic here.


I Installed


oh, man no works ,its impossble, Microsoft server not works, MSN Reviver uses microsoft server but now this server is fucking down


Now gimme a screenshot of it logged in :wink:


Also lets move to another topic plz


yep, give this screen


Screenshot it logged in :expressionless:


But… It cannot work. Microsoft servers for WLM 16 are down since 2017 and there’s no support with escargot… The only thing you can do is receiving a login error :\


no the last one revive no errors No Problems


I Will Used My New Phone So That Now I Can ;-;


is a theme


Man, remove Baidu Antivirus AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :stuck_out_tongue:


Name = Craptop-PC

Motive:Baidu,2 GB Ram


Corpo parece pouco claro; é uma frase completa?