Share your desktops!


That is a lot of stuff! And I’m surprised you have 3 4K monitors (guessing from the image size) divvied up for specific use. One for a Twitter feed/to-dos, one for daily desktop use, and one for music playing/floating contacts, and do I see myself and a relative of yours methinks as one of those floating contacts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you’re a multitasking god! :open_mouth:

I would surely be jealous for that kind of setup, but all me has is a 2007 workstation laptop I bought off of eBay that I installed an “ingenuine” version of Windows 7 (not pirated, mind you) due to a faulty product key I fetched from my one-monitor 7-year old desktop, after it was unfit for modern use. :stuck_out_tongue:





Check this out



You have Netscape???


So I recently got a new laptop…


What about Android…?


I’m using Windows XP Mode from Windows Virtual PC (NOT VIRTUAL PC 2007) to use some old software (and i dont really care about AVG)

Meanwhile my windows 7 desktop looks something like that.

“why do you have roblox studio but not roblox player?”

It’s because i don’t play roblox games anymore. too much annoying young kids.


YEP :slight_smile:






LOL do I see a “Pornography” folder?

You never fail to humour me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice desktop, tho.


This is Mercury Messenger?




It’s a WLM skin for the Mercury I made a few weeks ago.