Share your desktops!


Beautiful Ubuntu desktop :stuck_out_tongue:




How did you get those Windows 7 sidebar gadgets on Windows 10?





Oi, Gopnik!




Even though my main PC isn’t where I chat on Escargot, I’ll post the screenshot anyway.

More info here



Shouldn’t use the new uTorrent nor the Old 2.5 version as it has a huge security issue Just use an opensource one like qbittorrent or the others as iirc soon most sites will block utorrent for these issues


неужели русич




Do you have newer wlm version or how did you change the wlm icon to a newer iconstyle?


But you’re forgetting something crucial.

No matter how long it lasts for, a mechanical HDD will die off eventually. And since I don’t want to go through the burden of backing up everything created on my computer in worries of an HDD dying, it’s best to go with a SSD, IMO. Makes backups more of a “disaster recovery” thing in that case. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my main desktop that I’m always using. Windows XP theme on Linux mint but with an anti winXP background lmao. I use Windows 10 on the side with my tablet when I really need to but it’s got desktop icons filled to the max right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


no its WLM 2012 logged in with with tristanleboss login script server.but only login commands nothing else.


Here is my contribution :stuck_out_tongue:

Wallpaper source

Not complaining in the least, but I am a bit surprised to see so many operating systems represented in the thread.


That is a lot of stuff! And I’m surprised you have 3 4K monitors (guessing from the image size) divvied up for specific use. One for a Twitter feed/to-dos, one for daily desktop use, and one for music playing/floating contacts, and do I see myself and a relative of yours methinks as one of those floating contacts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you’re a multitasking god! :open_mouth:

I would surely be jealous for that kind of setup, but all me has is a 2007 workstation laptop I bought off of eBay that I installed an “ingenuine” version of Windows 7 (not pirated, mind you) due to a faulty product key I fetched from my one-monitor 7-year old desktop, after it was unfit for modern use. :stuck_out_tongue: