Share your desktops!


I use this VM for Testing Using it in 2018 and more :stuck_out_tongue:


now i have an animated background :stuck_out_tongue: (i don’t recommend THIS background for epileptics x.x)


Let’s see how many I can trigger with my taskbar.
On the other hand, I’ve had this wallpaper for way too long, wouldn’t mind changing. But I’m on the lazy side so…






ого вы живы




I used to own windows me pc and it worked wonderfully but before I moved to a new house the windows me pc was thrown away by someone in my family. it was a perfectly good working pc. all it really needed is a new keyboard. the x key wouldn’t work but all other keys worked great. lol





s a n i c c d


t o o t t o o t s o n i c w a r r i o r


that sonic wallpaper was in a low resolution , so i put one of mac os mojave new wallpapers



Edit 8:12:00 AM (Europe: Paris), 2:12:00 AM (America: Toronto), 3:12:00 AM (America: Sao Paulo), 3:12:00 AM (America: Argentina/Buenos Aires), 2:12:00 AM (America: New York)


k i updated a lot

and guess what this is windows 7 starter


putting yourself as a wallpaper


My desktop. Most things are stored away in subfolders in my home folder.
I’m using TranslucentTB for the transparent taskbar.


this is mine