Share your desktops!

You are completely incorrect, That’s Windows 8.1 themed to look like Windows 7

How did you know that’s Windows 8.1?

never mind.

I used to have a Wechat account, but it was banned, I used it to play Game For Peace and other Chinese games besides chatting, but I managed to create two more accounts and so far a QQ account, I use it also for play Game For Peace (PEACE ELITE).

Sometimes I use it for networking and for games like PUBG Mobile on my phone, I also use the META/FACEBOOK ecosystem on my laptop to chat with friends on Instagram and Messenger, as well as post stories and more on my wall.

is there a reason why all chinese application have the same aesthetics?

Windows 10 with a Windows 7 theme (W.I.P)

The themes I have






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I don’t know bro

Although, I am planning on getting a desktop PC, this will likely be my main laptop (yep, themed to look like Windows 7)


Bing chilling

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probably because of:

a. miui//emui/tencent’s universal design language
b. both wechat and qq are owned by the same company (tencent)
c. i forgor :skull:

how nice is it?

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(Note: This is from my VM, which I have 2 Terabytes on my VM)


This is Windows 10 22H2. Done this for an experiment. The desktop wallpaper was drawn by me, but it’s old. I will draw up a new one soon. I also do not have 128MB of VRAM. It’s a false reporting.

Also, don’t be “that person” that makes fun of my specs. My computer is actually still very snappy and capable.


I updated to W10 recently, here’s my desktop. Nothing all too special except the fact that I made the wallpaper myself lol

(also please PLEASSSSEEE give us an option to change our usernames or something i hate this username i made when i was like, 13)

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help ive just spent the lsst 5 hours reading tru this entire thread

Windows, but something seems off to me. Don’t really know what, though.

windows 11 moment