Share your desktops!

Tried it once but It didn’t worked for me, but whatever I just leave as it is lol, I think with the OS being in spanish is more harder to modify but eh

please explain how do you do it

I modified the .mui files although I’m on the English version

oh and here:

I see, weird that didn’t worked for me back when I’ve had my win10 transformed into XP and wanted the Winver dialog to change, guess the spanish versions are screwed on this type of stuff lol

Oh, yeah, that explains why I don’t use the Spanish version of Windows

Yeah, when it comes to modifying the winver, or other dialog strings, the spanish version is a pain, so I just leave as it is

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welp here’s my crap lol (it’s actually 8.1 while being painfully accurate to win7, even titlebar)

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does it have aero glass installed?

ofc it does

show screenshot of title bar

not ccleaner, ccleaner sucks

my laptop rn

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ahh, I miss YouTube’s Cosmic Panda layout and Windows Vista.

oh and that’s not Vista it’s Windows 10 themed to look like Vista

Hi from fedora 37

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So yeah, new desktop

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update: went back to windows 10, briefly went on arch. accidentally vomitted on the motherboard yesterday due to an unfortunate head angle and the motherboard doesn’t post anymore and i think the vomit went on the graphics card so i think that’s fried too.

so this will most likely be my “”“new”“” specs for a while:

motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H61-M LE/CSM R2.0 (used it from 2018 'til 2021)
CPU: Intel Core i3 2100
GPU: Either AMD Radeon R5 235 or EVGA GTX 480 from a friend of dad.
RAM: Either 8gb or 6gb, not too sure.
Drives: Everything I had previously.
OS: most likely a dualboot of 7/8.1 and XP… maybe linux but don’t count on it.

so besides the GTX 480 it’s just old parts i used before in 2019-2021. there’s some thread on facebook about my computer shenanigans so maybe this can change if i get spare parts or even some random-ass dell/hp.

here is the last screenshot of my then-current setup minutes before the vomit incident, i was testing old browser shit on squarebracket (yes, that’s still a thing!)


here’s an old image from win8.1 with patched udwm.dll (it makes titlebar text go left woooo)

ok so that plan of using an old computer fell through since the mobo didn’t start so i ultimately got a new computer.

Predator Orion 3000

OS: Windows 11 (currently 22000)
CPU: Gen Intel Core i5-11400F @ 2.60GHz

wallpaper is custom, i modified a render of the character from the original website to replace the thing it was hovering in their hands with the chaziz symbol. there weren’t any wallpapers of this character oddly enough. trekie may recognize where this character comes from but idk.