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high sierra hackintosh on acer aspire tc-605

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good wallpaper, reminds me of windows nt 4.0


Hmm, I see you almost have every PopCap game ever
and Chuzzle Deluxe? I remember my mom playing it when I was a toddler

also here is my screenshot of my Galaxy Note 3 (this screenshot was taken on November 23rd, 2021)

welp, quite a bit has changed
mainly i changed my main monitor to a 1280x1024 i’ve bought few weeks ago as i gave one of my monitors for my brother, as he got a pc and lacked a monitor
oh and i rock classic theme now
also i am a brony, deal with it :3


people who use 1280x1024 monitors in 2022 are epic


Very damn true, I don’t have one but i rock that 1200x900 4:3 resolution on my 1440x900 always, 4:3 is life

i do!

Don’t think that Thunderbird is a web browser, but it is an email client (like Windows Live Mail)

Thunderbird has a integrated web browser (mainly previewing sites and also browsing the addon store), meaning it technically counts.

A european confusing an american



Oh, ok.

I need this


had to go back to 1080p (it’s my 2nd monitor) due to a quite big upgrade (gt 1030)
the cable i am using for it rn is going to be used on my main 5:4 monitor while my 1080p one is going to use a dvi-hdmi cable which i hope it works

quickedit: i also had to upgrade to 21h2 bcs photoshop and drivers