Share your desktops!

ok that’s supported but if i built a pc with a 10400 and 1060 i’d have to use IGPU for hackintosh ofc
but this may not happen as next year i may build a ryzen pc build (not sure if i will), and i’ll give up on hackintoshing (except my dell that i managed to hack on catalina)

Finally, my cleanest Windows 11 desktop

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because why the fuck not, win7+ cairo de

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i can hackintosh

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you are insane

sir, you feel down my trap. i even put bluey diaper artwork in the corner just to piss you off, and it worked.

i didn’t even notice that before you even told me aboutthat

tbh i think I’m going too crazy.

ok mr bluey2000k

i already said on bluey2000k that i was gamerappa lol

but like i’m genuinely concerned about myself and i’m pretty sure that most of the shit that you and your omniarchive friends said about me on omniarchive was right (other than the rollerguy shit)



windows 7 is still my main

honestly you and your omniarchive loli enjoyers are pretty schizophrenic. i’ve never been in sweland in my entire life yet one of your omnitard friends is assuming that i live in sweland for being ONLINE friends with rollerguy.

also yes any mentions of my discord profile picture being diapered mackenzie is true.

this you?

nope it’s someone else

(chaziz account was formerly known as bluey2000k)

also kemes (who’s now on omniarchive apparantly) and skyiebox are squarebracket discord admins.



ok this is getting off-topic so Here’s Me Being Insane


its windows 10 meh (decided to downgrade from 11 to 10)
and i prefer no icons since i prefer using the start menu

Genuinely insane but with Windows 11

Installed Windows 11 on my gaming PC (recently, around yesterday)…
It might look a bit plain for a bit but I will fresh it up soon.


Installed Wallpaper Engine

Oculus anybody? :stuck_out_tongue:

So recently I bought a Quest 2, guess I’m now apart of my possibly small amount of MG users that have Oculus headsets… BTW I also decided to use the browser to post this…

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when the time comes to get vr, i will get windows mixed reality because fuck meta

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