Share your desktops!


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gaim just says “nope” near msn

Why reply to a post from 2018? Also they don’t go here anymore.

Also this is share your desktops, not share your icons.

where is my windows 11
where is my windows 11

and burrito

don’t really know what should i do with this setup. on the one hand windows 11 just leaked and i really want to use it but on the other i know that anything modern is a pain in the ass for my aging PC.


also i still have 50% left on the drive’s capacity, is it even worth it of upgrading to a later version of windows.

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i have a video project for school due tomorrow help it’s late as balls



this might be the first windows 11 desktop pic here


dont use it as your main OS, its just a leak build…

it’s same as saying “don’t use linux because you cannot use windows apps”
i don’t care, it’s fun to run beta builds as main, especially if it’s called windows 11

my desktop was a mess lol.

Windows 11, because why not?

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yeah i just installed windows 11 and bill gates suddenly knocked at my door and he gave me the fucking covid vaccine and i suddenly spew out anti-linux propaganda on every single Linux forum in existence.

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he is right tho.

i have commited windows 11

should i update to windows 11 even with the whole “hard drive” bullshit cause it seems like it’s trying too hard to get CH installed right

I’m trying to hold out at least till Thursday to install on real hardware, with the assumption they’ll be a proper official release (although that’s by no means guaranteed).

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me too

I almost fucked my up my mbr and installing windows 10 21h1 fixed everything, dad made a USB of windows 10 a week before this

Do you think you shouldnt swear?