Share your desktops!


Here 2 screenshots of my Desktop improved a little bit :sunglasses:


I hope you will get a better monitor :slight_smile:


wide icons 0_o


Well, it’s not much of an improvement, plus there’s (obviosuly) still the side effect of not being to add a wallpaper due to Windows being Windows when you don’t activate it properly, but at least I have some cool gadgets. Probably much better than what Microsoft could even offer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next step: Get a heads up and buy parts for a new desktop. Sleek LCD with 1080p or 4K desperately needed to add more gadgets to my desktop. :stuck_out_tongue:


at least that yello smello porn folders gone now


This is an minilaptop, so i can’t change monitor without opening the minilaptop and removing it


Oh but still maybe an external monitor ?:slight_smile:


when you get a new,let me know i will guide you to install windows 7 again.



Update: Dual boot :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 10 Home v1803 (for draw, play games and chat):

Linux Mint 19 “Tara” (for text writing, VMs and other important things) - I’m still setting it:




Heres @TReKiE working on my desktop on his PC (aka sonic?)
oh i see Windows server 2003 eh? what did you where doing with the server ?:stuck_out_tongue:


Doing server stuff I guess?



Cool desktop backgrounds my friend! :wink:


Aw thanks! ^^


lol nice wallpaper


Also i like your drawing in the Windows 10 wallpaper :smiley:


I would post mine here, but it’s so boring that there’s no point in doing so.


Don’t you just love all the sort of things that can be done with computer interfaces? LOL