Share your desktops!



galaxy s4 screenshot


the shit at the top right is shit i can’t move

i just want to name the other luxor shortcut “Money Waster 2005” :sob: :sob: :sob:




I accidentally deleted my Windows XP VM and not able to get it back. but also not willing to reinstall. so this is it. I change my os to something else. but check this out xD


Make backups :wink:


it’s not in there I already checked my whole computer.


If you had backed up the VM, you would not have lost it.


the VM is too big to backup so I don’t back it up.


If you’re wondering, the guy in the Adidas blue shirt is me. I was with my high school friends in the park as you can see in my wallpaper.
my laptop is an Asus x71SL.i hope i will get a new laptop/computer this summer ASAP.


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :frowning: Windows 7 noo


It’s called a skin. :stuck_out_tongue:


my desktop is clean :stuck_out_tongue:


Just installed Rainmeter! :smile:

It’ll probably do no good for the wallpaper situation, but best for me to do some skin scavenging, especially since they contain gadgets of their own. :stuck_out_tongue:


and now you know why people think you’re annoying


yep i know


I use Rainmeter! is really nice, broughts a little bit of that Vista style to my desktop :wink:


Here 2 screenshots of my Desktop improved a little bit :sunglasses:


I hope you will get a better monitor :slight_smile:


wide icons 0_o