Share your cool ideas ! (that doesn't fit on a thread)

Guys, after getting a bit bored, I just realized I could just make a thread about you guys sharing your own random ideas, which might actually inspire other bored people to get something to do; or to also inspire others from MessengerGeek to make a thread or smth, because it’s been some days since there wasn’t a new thread and I’m getting kinda bored with the old ones maybe

But hey, maybe this might give you an idea to your future projects as well… Or maybe not, since the “Share Your” posts doesn’t really do much to your university. Also the fact that the “Share your ideas” could easily be used for searching about it or idk, your choice

dont share too silly ideas like this:

share some not too silly and cool ideas instead:

So that’s it bye for now

a website that u can do everything from even cook for u

That just makes me imagine of those automatic food stores but instead of an app you need to access a specific website to get it. Would be interesting