Share your Christmas/new year presents

First of all, merry early Christmas and happy early new year.

Secondly, share your presents. I’ll go first:

Miitopia for switch
Pokemon Violet
Lastly, Kirby and the forgotten land.

Your turn!

I got an Ampown GD10 Game Stick from my mom (will prob arrive after Xmas but idc if i get it late)

And my dad said he will get me 300 BRL (about 60 usd) tho i will try to save up for a new pc (i still need one)

I still do not have my present, yet I believe there won’t be much coming this year, I hate how economy does work. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

a lego 2600 and a hyperx alloy origins core red switch, don’t ask why i chose the first gift it’s just that it looked cool

but this will be for christmas ofc not early christmas