Share your art, designs or graphical art!

If you’re designer, or you make a decent artwork for Deviantart, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your Website, etc. Share some of your art to see if you’re a bad artist, medium or good artist :wink: , in my case this is my art:

Profile photo of YouTube, Taringa! and another sites, is no longer used in my MessengerGeek profile since i changed it, here is:

My website banner:

My old deleted website menu background (note that is so old that in the pic in the “Andreso” part is written with “B” font):

AndresoDescargas section of my website banner:

My soundCloud profile photo:

Put your art in replies!


If you’re talking about your old avatar, then that looks an awful lot like some other similarly-looking characters I’ve seen from other people’s avatars. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not talking about my avatar, or this thread would be called “Share your avatar” this thread is about art in general, in my case i share artworks that i made for different reasons, also my avatar is a Walfa, very popular here in Latin America and in Spain during 2010-2014 and a little bit still today, also they are a little bit popular too on USA, here’s the website for creating one:

I was just saying, considering that generated avatars aren’t your “art”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, but as i said and i repeat, this isn’t for avatars only, is for art in general, my logo isn’t generated, my backgrounds aren’t, my letters aren’t, that’s the fact


Woah, OK. I get what you mean by your stuff falling under art and design. You did design the other stuff, but won’t people think that you drew the avatars in the photos above if you’re going to slap on the label of “art” onto them?

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Well, if he made it, he owns it. End of story.

Yes, he owns the pictures listed above. But my concern is just people taking his words of them being “art” at face value and clustering up the Walfas avatar, which isn’t his own drawing, as his “art”. It won’t matter now, but I’d rather bring it up sooner than later.

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Dammm you made these cool, pictures so good 10/10 this is art :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

I need to bump this, I wanted to make a thread like this but it does exist… whatever here’s my foobar2020 concept

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There you go
Got me 2 days to finish



lmao rebecca black / carmen winstead (in this case AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH)