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Let’s start off mine (Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog):

NOTE: Human Tales is also allowed.

Basically’s Quest to get a Chaos Emerald

In the lush and vibrant Green Hill Zone, BasicallyMachine embarks on an epic quest to collect the elusive Chaos Emeralds. The energy of these powerful gems can be felt coursing through the zone, a sign that Dr. Eggman is up to no good once again.

To begin the quest, BasicallyMachine must first locate the Emerald Machines scattered throughout the map. Upon finding one, a “FIND” prompt will appear, which can be activated by pressing on it (mobile) or pressing “E” on the keyboard (PC). Completing the tasks associated with each Chaos Emerald will not immediately award them, but instead, the emeralds will be secured in their respective machines.

Here are the tasks BasicallyMachine must complete to collect each Chaos Emerald:

  1. Destroy 500 Badniks: Reward - 1x Silver Chao, Green Chaos Emerald Guide - Use a Tornado to destroy Badniks in Emerald Hill Zone. If you don’t have a Tornado, create your own path.
  2. Earn 300,000 Rail Grind Points: Reward - 1x Silver Blur Trail, Red Chaos Emerald Guide - Grind on the rails in Hill Top Zone.
  3. Earn 20 Time Trial Gold Medals: Reward - 2x Silver Blur Trail, Yellow Chaos Emerald Guide - Complete the 1st Time Trial in Emerald Hill Zone.
  4. Pickup 2,000 Solid Rings: Reward - 2x Silver Chao, Blue Chaos Emerald Guide - Collect rings in either Green Hill Zone or New Yoke City.
  5. Complete 20 Races: Reward - Psychic Wave Hoverboard, White Chaos Emerald Guide - For short races, do Green Hill Zone Race. For more tickets, do Metal Madness Race.
  6. Boost on a Hoverboard 500 Times: Reward - 2x Silver Blur Trail, Cyan Chaos Emerald Guide - Boost on a Hoverboard while doing races in Metal City or New Yoke City and/or Green Hill Zone.
  7. Collect 2,000 Chaos Orbs: Reward - 2x Silver Chao, Purple Chaos Emerald Guide - Collect Chaos Orbs in Green Hill Zone.

Once all the emerald challenges have been completed, BasicallyMachine will have proven their worth and unlock Silver, along with 1000 Red Star Rings.

Throughout the quest, BasicallyMachine encounters various challenges and adversaries, but their determination and skill allow them to overcome each obstacle. With each emerald secured, BasicallyMachine grows stronger, their abilities enhanced by the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

In the end, BasicallyMachine’s unwavering resolve and mastery of the Chaos Emeralds earn them the respect of their peers and the admiration of their foes. Their journey serves as a reminder that with perseverance and dedication, even the most challenging quests can be accomplished.

portuguese but fuck it

Era uma vez, em um reino sombrio e assustador, dois irmãos chamados Wario e Waluigi. Eles eram conhecidos por sua falta de habilidades atléticas e sua aversão a encanamentos. Em vez de salvar princesas, eles passavam o tempo causando problemas e roubando tesouros. Em vez de enfrentar Bowser, eles se uniam a ele para espalhar o caos pelo reino dos cogumelos. Sua má reputação se espalhou rapidamente, e eles se tornaram os vilões mais temidos e odiados do mundo dos jogos.

Once upon a time, in a dark and scary kingdom, there lived two brothers named Wario and Waluigi. They were known for their lack of athletic skills and their aversion to plumbing. Instead of saving princesses, they spent their time causing trouble and stealing treasures. Instead of facing Bowser, they teamed up with him to spread chaos throughout the mushroom kingdom. Their bad reputation quickly spread, and they became the most feared and hated villains in the gaming world.