Share weird ads you find


Nice ads :stuck_out_tongue:

also heres a question about my ad

How would i watch TV Tupi (the T in the ad) when they were extint in 1980? :stuck_out_tongue:

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i have none, why? because: image


ublock moment


Como fez isso? How You do that?

Now I see it in the ad (this is fake this ad)

lemme try dowbloading it, since gp says verified by their av

doesnt work, just xiados of the channel bruh

I don’t have the picture, but the thumbnail of the ad was “Can A Noob Dad Craft A Stone Sword?” and yet the actual title of the video was “This is, an ad. We just want to grow our channel.” or something along the lines of that. At least they were honest bruh


Nice AIDS :stuck_out_tongue:

that joke was originally made by PvZinho/Bankkai btw


I got this last year

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theres ads that are LITERAL PORN on youtube, im not even kidding

i don’t need a proof…i need a squid life support

hoi i’m shadow dumb sequel

i mean his alt

what about Youtube mobile? i use adblock on PC too but in mobile i cant block yt ads

use an adblock browser

i think i got an mafia city ad about sauna and it had an sound effect from zuma