Setting up the msn tabs on custom server


Hi everyone!

I just did a custom personal server on my vpn for my smaller friend group. Everything is working in order exept one thing, the msn tabs… as i checked the file the xml file holds in tmpl directory the msn tabs… now… i have some intranet services what i would want to attach to it, but it is not working at all… Is there any special method for this to setup? I use escargot msn 7.5 client i did redirecrion and certificate imports, but the tabs itself are not loading, it is only one the main page… is there any special thing to make kthis work? It needs any ports in special(my guess is 443 but it is all up and runnig with this server) am i missing something? I need a certificate for this too? where to generate? how to add? anyone could give to me some directions to fix this? I checked the padding link in my browser but the browser gives only white screen.

Can someone give me some advice? Hot to make this work?

Also: How can i make a simple register page in html/php/ or any web based language?


same thing, only i can’t even login using Messenger 7.5, only with the older versions. (MSNP 1-4 only)


yeah, noticed that on a actual Logon with 6.2 (on Windows XP), no tabs, threedegrees still is just useless for now.


Yeah, still i cannot solve this my guess would be a cert file for the 443 port but… maybe it could be that some files are missing from the source…? :\ I dunno…


Well… it could be that the msgrconfig xml file is not accessible that padding=qqqq value cannot be loaded thru 443 port… it is forwarded and all, Any thoughts from anyone? Has anyone even tried to make this work in private versions?


I would take a look at the python dev command – and run it as root if you’re on Unix.


i can’t even get 7.5 to login, i’m using msn-server/master, /feature/wlm seems to have same problem with me, infact, i can’t even get the server to start right now, maybe i downloaded the fork at the wrong time?


7.5 works fine, don’t worry. Just fetch master for that one.


i got my copy of /master on the 10th of October, has anything changed since i downloaded the branch?


Nope, but for me it works :slight_smile:


THX i checked it, but if i turn off the DEVMODE then it wont let me login again… i need to recreate the cert file on server or what? If i understanding this well in DEV mode there is no MSN tabs then?


the web server files… is on valtron/msn-escargot


I checked the files, those are not remotely complete… i mean the tabs itself :\


TAB’s in the server side xml


i know, your MsgrConfig contains tab data.


Sorry im idiot… the TABs is in the server side (web) xml… MsgrConfig:

in… msntabdata

Fuck Off… i cant put in a little fragment of source… the forum delete the tags xD


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