[Server Overloaded, Crashed]Can't connect, This time error 81000306 and sometime 800701f6


I :heart: you Escargot
You are the best :messenger:
Thanks :wink:


I see, You took a display pic from my post :stuck_out_tongue:


add me on msn :3 enricocaputo6@ace-mail.net


Added. well there’s a add contact post on the other section. but i added you anyways


is normal all my contact are ever offline?


There’s a bug on Escargot that makes sometimes online contacts offline.

I don’t know why the server is a bit buggy.


MSN 7.5 for me no working


Connection issues?

  1. Wait, although it should be fixed

Contact issues?

  1. I have added you, Try to relaunch MSN,


Encrio gave me this screenshot about a bug that he has.

This is my screenshot about him saying about the bug.

So i have no idea what’s going on.


it’s down again


Connecting/Sign out/Change Password Wise.



these errors better be them adding some really cool feature


Python seems to be broken.


If they were completing WLM 2009 very fast and added the wlm2009 branch code to escargot’s master server. The server should have been shut down.

The server is up so it’s not WLM 2009 related?


I got the bug that Encrio had.


Anyone still has the bug?


Back to this…


Back again.


A new error code?


Still connected and Escargot Service is available,

If you don’t want CollabVM users then use this handy button


Doesn’t seem to be any errors.


Still getting errors and unstable connection here.