Separate site dedicated to Windows Live or MSN


You can create a separate site dedicated to Windows Live (MSN). There will not only be a Messenger, but a mail and so on. I can help with the design of the site!


That would be nice. If there are any programmers out there who can make it all connected to each service (spaces, messenger, hotmail etc.) in a secure way.
Still working on it as a fansite at the moment.


i like idea, i am a programmer :d


OK you make a site, and i working on desing?


yes, What kind of design do you have in mind?


i found a glitch when i clicked on emoticons


Yes the website is still under construction, sorry for the mistakes and glitches. Full, working website coming soon. Thank you for your message!


how does one get to this website


never mind I found out


how come when i hit sign in it brings me to the create and account screen.


It was just supposed to be a test website at first. It is a raw sketch of what it could be, things has to be filled in properly. My excuses for the confusion so far. Will be worked on.


thats good the website looks old school to me


you should see my (and deathlife’s) Emoticons page, it looks like old MSN.


With mail, are you going to be making an actual mail service or just an online POP3/IMAP client?
This is interesting as I was thinking about making a project called “Escargot Home” which would be similar to Windows Live Home.


@yellows111 It’s also mine. Remember that i started this emoticon project ,)


Also will the news section be filled with breaking news or only news about the messenger because breaking news is important


On January 2018, there is a rumor that Microsoft announced it will revive the Windows Live brand, but with a Metro design and a logo similar to Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Source? I was curious.