Send Offline Messaging in WLM 8.1 is not working

Steps are:

  1. Right click your contact

2.Click “Send an offline instant message”

Sending an offline instant message is broken, but saves in history.

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Oops I meant: 2. Click “Send an offline instant message”

If you want to change something on your thread, click in the pencil button and you can edit it :smiley:

Yeah I know, but when I put “2. Click Send an offline instant message” the 2 just got replaced with 1 LOL

You can just double click on the contact, it will open a chat window, rather than trying to send a mail.

report @valtron this problem.

Maybe it’s not broken. Maybe the MSNP that WLM 8.1 uses doesn’t allow it to send offline instant messages

This is a known thing, closing this thread for now.