Searching New People to chat? Escargot and AIM Phoenix!

Hi! I want to add some Escargot and Aim Phoenix Users:

**AIM Phoenix:**NicolasSousa

If you want to myself add you, reply with Escargot and/or AIM Phoenix in this topic

If is violated because of aim phoenix, delete this topic… Or Warn Me…

**I want to make a large group (“Public”),
Escargot(WM, WLM, MSN Messenger) and in
AIM Phoenix(America On-Line Instant Messenger) **
And that’s it!

Reply here

The guy said and Phoenix names.

I am only sending the links because he asked for Escargot emails.
Otherwise, I’m not responding to him for the AIM screennames.

anyways can people peck off and stop posting that old ass post and at least have separate ones for separate languages?

actually i think the bigger the post the better, sure it may be bloated, but atleast theres a shitton contacts you can add

however the more you scroll up, the more likely the account is abandonned.