[Searching for] German MUILanguage file for Windows Live Mail 2008

Does someone here have or know about an archive which has the german installer or language file for Live Mail 2008?

realized a bit late that i wrote now instead of know

Live Mail 2008 MSI German

Just the Mail German language DLL


Do you also have the Turkish MSI/language DLL for Live Mail 2008 and Photo Gallery 2008?

Live Mail 2008 MSI Turkish
Just the Mail Turkish language DLL

Photo Gallery 2008 MSI Turkish (required SQL Server 2005 Compact MSI)
Just the Photo Gallery Turkish language DLL


Jonathan, can you give me French MSI language for Windows live mail and Photos Gallery 2008 pls ? ^^ :slight_smile: (A)

Live Mail 2008 MSI French
Just the Mail French language DLL

Photo Gallery 2008 MSI French (required SQL Server 2005 Compact MSI)

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Thank you so much bro !

Klingon MSI plz? floobby_still

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how the klingon did you get the floobby emote here

It’s a PNG.

thanks crappa very helpful

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