Screen Sharing for MSN Messenger?


I have a little idea, a Scren Sharing program for Messenger, anyone has an idea for this, or doing a external program with this function? :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone want’s to talk with me, add me in Messenger:


that used to be a feature of Windows/Microsoft NetMeeting, which is now gone since vista/


apparently microsoft doesn’t care about what their “valued” customers think


But what about a Third party program of Screen Sharing?


there’s a 100 of them, however for escargot use, idk


also NetMeeting Would be cool to revive, however the only OS’s i have NetMeeting on is my VMs


i have netmeeting on my main and win98 computer


i have it on my W2k (possible) NT4WS 98SE and 95OSR2.5 VM’s


screen sharing was around back then but it involved using remote assistance.


yes, but that was for help, and not personal use.


you do realize we don’t have the msn messenger source code right?


Yes, i know that, but is only an idea


Okay, I just want to make sure everyone knows this. :slight_smile:


Yeah, obviously this is a fan-made MSN Server :smile: With a great community


it would be really nice to have screen sharing though. I just don’t want to use skype for that. so remote assistance is my main program for screen sharing. you can try searching for some program out there though. i’m sure there is something.


Well, a external screen sharing plug-in for Escargot MSN could be great :smile:


I thought ResHacker shows everything about a file.


Also RA does not work on my PC I just get "Your version of MSN Messenger is outdated, please go to (common msn messenger link).)


no, sorry no program can show everything about a file. it may show specific stuff that is not shown but the source code is an absolute not possible feature. resource hacker is a program that lets you edit resources not the actual source.


I just installed NetMeeting 3 on my vista machine
There’s the DL, needs Windows 98 Compatibility mode.