Screen protectors can be annoying

so i dropped my tablet, its still fine as it had a gorrila glass screen protector, but the screen protector cracked badly because of the way it fell, so i tried to take it off, and there is a circle that will not come off (It’s sharp) any ideas?

Assuming it’s held onto the screen with adhesive, you’ll need to heat it up a little and get under it to pull it off.

To do the heating, assuming you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a hairdryer, or even a heated towel or heating pad. If you go the hairdryer option, you can put down towels or some other protection around the areas of the screen you don’t want heat to to get to. Then, give the screen protector area 10-15 seconds worth of heat, slowly moving back and forth. If you’re using something else, just apply the heat for a few minutes. Then go all around the edges of the circle with a prying tool to try and loosen it. You may want to use multiple tools as you weaken it slowly, and then finally can get underneath and push it off. If you’re not getting anywhere, add more heat, and repeat. If it’s well applied, it may take a while.

For prying tools, a spudger (or something similar) is always good. You’ll probably want to stick to plastic for this, but if you’re super-careful, you can use metal (but don’t use a screwdriver, trust me). Other options are using your fingernail, playing cards, guitar picks, unused credit cards, old SIM cards, really hard thin cardboard pieces, etc.

If the circle is big enough, you can also try using suction cups to help pull it off too.


thanks for the tip, but i’m not going to attempt the suction cup though, as the kindle fire 7 screen is not that much durable and the only suction cups i own are extremely high quality (Strong Suction). Thanks for the tips though!

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