Say hello to openMusic

openMusic is a new world of music.

A service where you can find music, and post your musics (openMusic for artists)

openMusic is made by me (alko) and a friend (ecnivtwelve)

And well…its already out ! :

We even have a ad edited by my friend (ecnivtwelve)

You can use openMusic on your browser, or install it on your Android phone !

Hope you like this new service ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another alessio project? uh… Whatever happend to your MSN revival that’s still on the Softori repo, and what’s up with Videryo?

Well im still working on it but, openMusic is out !
And its made by me and my friend.

i remember people saying they wont be bothering seeing project posts bc they would never get finished but this one

This looks awful ngl

Why ?

your pfp does too ngl

I hate guys that give reviews without testing, funny.

you dont have proof he did not check the website

Well im pretty sure

The UI was alright until I clicked on a song, the player looks a little janky.

The website itself isn’t encrypted and all of the data is stored on Discord’s cdn which is really stupid (also really do not use 000webhost, it has awful uptime)

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And omg i understand why nobody make projects out

Btw adding night mode and changing the default media player to something else would be cool ngl

We dont use 000webhost and its still a beta

And we use Discord CDN, it was a idea of my friend

We dont use space on the host site and we use discord servers

<div id="appIcon">
    <img src="" />
  <div id="title">Impact</div>
  <a style="text-decoration: none;  color:#ffffff;" href="olias.php"><div id="desc">Olias</div></a>
  <div id="song"><audio src="" controls autoplay></audio></div>

thats a bit unprofessionall… like my grammar

i remember i would get my own server for everything

What is unprofessional ?

Probably should remove the 000webhost tracking code then
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Using discord’s cdn attachment service

btw do you use 000webhost premium? loooool