(SATIRE) WLM '09 release date (SATIRE)

wlm '09 coming by 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:

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it’s sounds like true

Just as expected, it’s something that can’t be rushed.

im actually expecting it around early to mid 2019, messenger 2009 wil be 10, and msn itself will be 20.

I forgot that WLM 09 was still coming. Probably because of the lack of posts about it.

Not anymore (sorry for bumping it im a dolt you know lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

this is the real answer:N-E-V-E-R(satira)


I’m still working on it, but progress has been postponed because it’s more of an undertaking than I’ve expected. As in the MSNP and SOAP services hint that the actual server’s infrastructure was different enough that Escargot’s isn’t enough to keep up. This means making some major changes to Escargot’s infrastructure, and it isn’t a breeze, to say the least. You guys should have some more patience for once. :confused:

at least it doesnt stop us from making our own servers