Samsung SGH-E900 audio dump

So i’ve managed to dump the audio off of the firmware of my old Samsung E900. My dump has things from UI Sounds and DTMF Tones, to Ringtones and Notification sounds.

There is even some event-related (possibly) MMS sounds too, they say things like Happy birthday, merry christmas, congratulations and all that sort of stuff.

Oddly enough, it even has what sounds like Russian or French voice clips. Possibly single numbers.

What makes it even more odd is that the phone is a UK region phone, that ran on Orange.
(Orange is a network that no longer exists in the UK, as it was merged with T-Mobile, to make EE in 2014)

I can distinguish a couple ringtones, notifications and UI sounds, maybe you could help distinguish the rest?

I have an old program called Yamaha Mid Radio, which can read the MMF sound files just fine. I can send the setup program if you’d like.

Edit: Rigged the phone and got it to start up, gonna flick through the menus and try to get all he sounds to play (1.2 MB)

Here’s what the phone looks like, it may not look like much, but i loved using it back when it was my main, if the charger port on mine didn’t break, or 3G wasn’t shut down, i would still be using it. the buttons around the directional pad were actually touch, instead of being actual buttons

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So what do you plan to do with this phone later on?

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I’m gonna try to find a new charger port, fix it, then add it to the retro tech collection i’m building up

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That’s pretty cool!

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for anyone wanting to play the sounds, this is the software you need to do it:

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