RussellNX - How to port GameMaker Studio 2 Games to Nintendo Switch

Hello guyz, today i am gonna show you, how to port GameMaker Studio 2 Games to Nintendo Switch, using RussellNX


  • RussellNX
  • A hacked Nintendo Switch
  • GameMaker Studio 2 (to fix errors, if theres errors on the game)
  • The GMS2 Project File


So uh, before using it please install GMS2 (it doesn’t matter which license you have, trial or paid, the tool doesn’t care!)

Then go to File->Preferences and install runtime. Otherwise the tool won’t launch since it requires this to be installed to… actually build files.

After launching RussellNX for the first time, it will ask you for a keys.txt (prod.keys) file,
my tool builds NSPs with KeyGeneration 9 so please make sure your keys file has _08 keys before building.

Everything else is pretty straightforward, you select an icon, a GMS2 project file, titleid, version, etc

then you click build and after some time it’ll open an explorer window with your .nsp file, install it in yuzu or your Switch and voila, your game.


yea its possible

What have you ported so far?

an “Hello World” project i made

When i did it for the first time, it crashed when the game starts, but after modding the code a bit, it worked


Oops lemme fix it